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Dem Establishment Slams House NDAA

Posted by Colin Clark on

WASHINGTON:A quick look at what the Democratic national security establishment thinks about the National Defense Authorization Act now moving through the House.

Here’s what the progressive National Security Network (whose board includes Wes Clark and Samuel Burger, among others) says in a posting about the bill:

The House version of the NDAA breaks last summer’s bipartisan budget deal to fund weapons the Pentagon doesn’t want and that don’t fit within the new defense strategy.

For a sense of how wide looms the divide between Dems and the GOP, have a look at this language:

“The dramatic clash in worldviews between the American national security establishment and conservative leadership is on display as the House debates its yearly authorization bill, the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). Provisions restoring cut programs and bringing back failed policy proposals to keep Guantanamo open, build East Coast missile defense, retain nuclear weapons and prepare to build new ones amount to a comprehensive rejection of recent years’ consensus among national security leaders, as well as the Pentagon’s own guidance on how best to pair defense strategy and spending while rebalancing our national power.”

‘Nuff said. Read the rest online. The link is in the first paragraph, if you missed it.

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