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809 Panel Calls for Managing ‘Capabilities,’ Not Weapons

Posted by Ross Thompson on

The Department of Defense can make smarter and faster acquisition decisions if it uses people more thoughtfully. Instead of involving top-level leaders at every decision point in the acquisition process, senior leaders should determine the organization’s enterprise-level goals, then communicate them to empowered and capable leaders who can decide how best to meet those goals.… Keep reading →

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War Of the Acquisition Reformers: 809 Panel Defends New Commercial Approach

Posted by David Drabkin on

Credit: Colin Clark

When Washington heavyweights like Peter Levine, former Democratic staff director of the Senate Armed Services Committee, and Bill Greenwalt, former deputy undersecretary of Defense for industrial policy and longtime Republican acquisition expert on the SASC, say you got something wrong, people listen. That is especially the case if you were the folks who Levine and… Keep reading →

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What The 809 Panel Didn’t Quite Get Right: Greenwalt & Levine

Posted by Peter Levine on

Every word is worth reading to find out what the 809 Panel did right and what needs to be done to fix some of its missteps. Read on! The Editor.

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No, The Pentagon Did NOT Waste $28 Billion

Posted by Mackenzie Eaglen on

credit: Colin Clark

One of our primary goals here at Breaking Defense is to try and avoid the madness of the daily news cycle and tell our readers what is really happening, as best as any human can tell at any time. The following explanation by two experienced defense budget experts of what really happened to $28 billion discussed in a… Keep reading →

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DoD Wastes Billions On Outdated Technology, 809 Panel Tells HASC

Posted by Sandra Erwin on

The Pentagon acquisition system has gotten so bad that it is undermining the nation’s military and literally obstructing modernization efforts, a panel of independent advisers told the House Armed Services Committee today. Representatives of the congressionally-mandated “809 panel” painted an alarming picture of the state of defense procurement. The panel delivered an interim report to the… Keep reading →

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