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Adm. Richard Brown

‘Be Ready To Fight Now’: Top Admiral On Russia & China

Posted by Paul McLeary on

“The Battle of Guadalcanal was a brutal campaign, but shows us what the next fight could be like,” Vice Adm. Brown said. “Usually, the CO (skipper), XO (executive officer) and senior officers – even admirals – were killed immediately – but what happened?”

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Navy Kicks Off New LCS Deployments; Training Questions Remain

Posted by Paul McLeary on

WASHINGTON: After years of delays, budget fights, and searing debates over the role that the ship will play, three Littoral Combat Ships will head out on their first deployments this year. “We’re deploying LCS this year. It’s happening. Two ships are going on the West Coast, one ship is going on the East Coast,” said… Keep reading →

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Manpower, Parts Shortages Would Hinder Navy In Wartime

Posted by Sydney J. Freedberg Jr. on

Faced with erratic funding from Congress, the Navy has pursued cost-efficiency so rigorously that it has cut corners and compromised peacetime safety and, very possibly, wartime performance. Crews are shorthanded and spare parts stockpiles are low.

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