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Ann Stefanek

USAF Announces Major New Hypersonic Weapon Contract

Posted by Paul McLeary on

The Pentagon is moving out quickly amid worries that China has outpaced U.S. capabilities in hypersonic weapons development.

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Flight Ops Of 15 F-35As Suspended Due To Fuel Tank Problem

Posted by Colin Clark on

The US Air Force and Norway announced the temporary suspension of flight operations for 15 F-35As today because of “peeling and crumbling insulation in avionics cooling lines inside the fuel tanks.” The problem, caused by a supplier, was discovered during depot modification of an F-35A and affects a total of 57 aircraft, 42 of them still on the… Keep reading →

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McCain Pledges To Stop LRSB; Which Bomber Will Be Retired?

Posted by Colin Clark on

UDATED: Adds Air Force React AFA WINTER: Sen. John McCain pledged to stop the Long Range Strike Bomber program in its tracks today unless the Pentagon uses a different type of contract. My colleagues at Defense News quoted McCain this way: “My biggest concern is the cost-plus provision in the contract. I will not stand… Keep reading →

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