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Arak nuclear reactor

Corker-Menendez Iran Bill Better Be Just A First Step

Posted by Rebeccah Heinrichs on

Supporters of the Obama administration Iran deal have had a rough couple weeks. The bipartisan passage of the Corker-Mendez bill (the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act of 2015) out of the Foreign Relations Committee, conveyed in no uncertain terms that Congress is concerned enough about this deal to insist it have a voice. It also raises the question: how… Keep reading →

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Time For Tough Choices In Iran Nuke Talks

Posted by Michael Adler on

It is now clear that differences in negotiations between Iran and six major powers led by the United States remain intractable, despite the conciliatory words and much friendlier atmosphere which have reigned in recent months. When the two sides met in Vienna last week for a first round of hard-core haggling after months of laying… Keep reading →

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Eliminate 15K Iranian Centrifuges, Thousands of Kilos of Uranium: Shape Of Nuclear Deal

Posted by Michael Adler on

The outlines of a possible nuclear deal with Iran are now clear. What isn’t known is whether Iran will actually agree to the terms of the six major powers with which it negotiates – the United States, Russia, China, Britain, Germany and France. In the latest round of talks this week in Vienna, both sides are… Keep reading →

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