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Northrop-Orbital: A Sound Merger In Law And Policy

Posted by M. Thomas Davis on

Wall Street investors and Wall Street analysts, along with the Department of Justice, are pondering Disney’s massive acquisition of much of 21st Century Fox, a consolidation that may reshape the entertainment industry landscape. While defense mergers rarely involve anyone’s favorite movies and are financial dwarves compared to ones like 21st Century Fox and Disney, they remain… Keep reading →

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ATK, Orbital To Merge; First Course Of New Last Supper?

Posted by Colin Clark on

WASHINGTON: In many respects, the merger announced this morning between ATK and Orbital Sciencesappears just a sensible move between two space and defense companies facing a declining demand for rockets and rocket engines. The Space Shuttle flies no more, leaving ATK without the considerable revenue stream from its reusable solid rocket motor. The United Launch… Keep reading →

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