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4 Flights, 3 Hours, 20 Knots: Boeing’s Defiant Inches Ahead

Posted by Sydney J. Freedberg Jr. on

Photo courtesy Sikorsky and Boeing.

Mechanical fixes kept the SB>1 compound helicopter grounded for weeks this summer, but Sikorsky insists they can catch up.

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Army Wrestles With Hill Cuts To Ambitious VR Training Tech

Posted by Theresa Hitchens on

The Army may need to delay the rollout of the new technology, scale it down, or both.

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Army Will Stop Treating Troops As ‘Interchangeable Parts’: Gen. McConville

Posted by Sydney J. Freedberg Jr. on

Army photo

“We’re moving towards a talent management system where we will manage people by 25 variables instead of two,” Gen. McConville said. It will be “a system that recognizes and capitalizes on our people’s knowledge, their skills, their behaviors and even their preferences.”

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MFoCS II [Sponsored]

Posted by Leonardo DRS on

Leonardo DRS and MFoCS II are enabling @USArmy Network modernization, preparing for the ever-changing battlefield.

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How Active Protection Systems Knock Down Anti-Armor Threats for Both Legacy and Future Combat Vehicles [Sponsored]

Posted by Barry Rosenberg on

IDF photo

If there’s one thing that Army leadership agrees upon, it’s the need for improved survivability of soldiers and machines against modern anti-tank weapons like the Russian Kornet and Chinese HJ-8 guided missiles, as well as Russia’s tandem warhead RPG-29 rocket propelled grenade that can bore a hole into a tank with a molten jet of… Keep reading →

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What Will Boeing Offer For Army’s FARA Scout? Don’t Ask.

Posted by Richard Whittle on

screencap from

Whatever their aircraft is like, Boeing’s PR strategy is definitely stealthy. There’s a strategic reason for that.

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The World’s First and Only Fully Operational, Combat-Proven APS [Sponsored]

Posted by Leonardo DRS on

By proactively detecting, locating, and neutralizing anti-armor threats, TROPHY™ dramatically increases platform survivability, and creates a new paradigm of networked threat awareness for maneuver forces.

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Don’t Panic: Gen. Murray On Bradley Replacement Competition

Posted by Sydney J. Freedberg Jr. on

Rheinmetall Photo

Get a grip, the Army Futures Command chief said: It’s way too early to start second-guessing the Optionally Manned Fighting Vehicle program.

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Next-Generation Power for the Next-Generation Combat Vehicles [Sponsored]

Posted by Breaking Defense on

The Army’s Next Generation Combat Vehicle (NGCV) program has ambitious goals that will require development of new technological capability that ranges from autonomous operations to advanced materials.

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Hypersonics: Lockheed Says Supply Chain Is ‘The Test’

Posted by Colin Clark on

Lockheed Martin hypersonics chart AUSA 2019

The hard part is no longer the technology to fly at more than Mach 5: It’s putting together all the parts to build hypersonic missiles in bulk.

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