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How Active Protection Systems Knock Down Anti-Armor Threats for Both Legacy and Future Combat Vehicles [Sponsored]

Posted by Barry Rosenberg on

IDF photo

If there’s one thing that Army leadership agrees upon, it’s the need for improved survivability of soldiers and machines against modern anti-tank weapons like the Russian Kornet and Chinese HJ-8 guided missiles, as well as Russia’s tandem warhead RPG-29 rocket propelled grenade that can bore a hole into a tank with a molten jet of… Keep reading →

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Vehicle Platform Integration: Where Technologies Become Capabilities [Sponsored]

Posted by Breaking Defense Staff on

Army photo

In this era of new acquisition for ground vehicles, the Army continues to challenge industry to anticipate emerging requirements, develop required technologies, and field combat capabilities more quickly through rapid prototyping.

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Israel Unveils New Ground Forces Concept: Fast & Very High Tech

Posted by Arie Egozi on

The first demonstration of Carmel was held Aug. 4 before the Ministry of Defense Director General, the IDF Deputy Chief of General Staff, commander of the Ground Forces, the head of the Directorate of Defense Research and Development, and other senior defense officials.

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Navy Puts More Bang Into Unmanned Fleet

Posted by Carlo Munoz on

WASHINGTON: It looks like aerial drones are not the only unmanned systems the Pentagon is interested in arming. The special warfare branch of the Navy’s expeditionary warfare division is eying plans to arm its small fleet of unmanned boats with an long-range missile, branch chief Capt. Evin Thompson said. The missile — known as the… Keep reading →

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