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How Active Protection Systems Knock Down Anti-Armor Threats for Both Legacy and Future Combat Vehicles [Sponsored]

Posted by Barry Rosenberg on

IDF photo

If there’s one thing that Army leadership agrees upon, it’s the need for improved survivability of soldiers and machines against modern anti-tank weapons like the Russian Kornet and Chinese HJ-8 guided missiles, as well as Russia’s tandem warhead RPG-29 rocket propelled grenade that can bore a hole into a tank with a molten jet of… Keep reading →

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Army Gets Serious About Next Tank: Next Generation Combat Vehicle

Posted by Sydney J. Freedberg Jr. on

DARPA image

ARLINGTON: The US Army wants its Next Generation Combat Vehicle to serve as pack master to a swarm of crawling and flying robots. It wants lighter weapons with heavier firepower, able to aim almost straight up to shoot drones out of the sky and hit rooftop snipers. It wants miniaturized missile defenses to shoot down incoming anti-tank… Keep reading →

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