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Contractors in Afghanistan: What Erik Prince Gets Right

Posted by Mark Cancian on

Eric Prince, the former CEO of Blackwater, argues for expanded use of contractors in Afghanistan. Some of his proposals deserve attention. The idea apparently resonated with the White House (though not with Secretary of Defense Mattis) and has continued to get attention. Prince is widely regarded as the spawn of Satan because of the many… Keep reading →

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ACADEMI — ex-Blackwater — Boosts State Dept Business, Eyes Acquisitions: EXCLUSIVE

Posted by Sydney J. Freedberg Jr. on

ARLINGTON, VA: How confident is the new management at private security contractor ACADEMI — formerly known as Xe and, also, infamously, as Blackwater — that they’ve turned the company around? Last month, apparently without attracting any public attention (until now), they quietly bought another security firm, International Development Solutions, and took over its piece of… Keep reading →

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DoD Toughens Rules For Combat Contractors

Posted by Carlo Munoz on

Washington: The rules have changed for the hired guns who work on the Defense Department’s payroll. The rules governing private security contracting firms working in war zones will now cover contractors working in all U.S.-led missions overseas, including humanitarian, peacekeeping or “other military operations” where DoD has boots on the ground, according to an Aug.… Keep reading →

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