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Spy Sat Costs Are ‘Unsustainable,’ Warns Space Commander; BTW, Don’t Cut Space, Cyber

Posted by Otto Kreisher on

WASHINGTON: The head of Air Force Space Command worries that tightening defense budgets and looming force structure cuts could reduce his critical space and cyber capabilities. “Because these capabilities are so vital, and the need to maintain local and global capabilities, space and cyber capability doesn’t really scale well with force structure reductions,” Air Force… Keep reading →

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Army Reserve Training Goes Digital To Save Dollars

Posted by Sydney J. Freedberg Jr. on

WASHINGTON: To squeeze the most it can out of every training dollar in an era of shrinking budgets, the Army Reserve will rely more on simulators and long-distance learning to replace traditional drill weekends, outgoing Chief of Army Reserve Lt. Gen. Jack Stulz said today. Those efficiencies, in turn, will free up funds for ambitious… Keep reading →

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