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Carrier Strike Groups

Navy Must Boost Carrier Air Wings’ Range, Size & Lethality

Posted by Jerry Hendrix on

Navy photo

Paris Air Show attendees take note. The Navy needs more new strike fighters to cope with falling readiness rates. Will they be Super Hornets, F-35s or Block III Super Hornets? What mix does the US Navy need as it grapples with boosting the size of the fleet to 355 ships? And what about the MQ-25… Keep reading →

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Hawk Carlisle On The Way Ahead: DE, EW, Data

Posted by Robbin Laird on

  Gen. Hawk Carlisle has been at the center of global allied operations for several years, first at Pacific Air Forces and now at Air Combat Command. Recently, we interviewed him at Langley AFB, home of Air Combat Command. During his watch, several new combat assets have come to play in Middle East operations. “Each of the… Keep reading →

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