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Navy Must Boost Carrier Air Wings’ Range, Size & Lethality

Posted by Jerry Hendrix on

Navy photo

Paris Air Show attendees take note. The Navy needs more new strike fighters to cope with falling readiness rates. Will they be Super Hornets, F-35s or Block III Super Hornets? What mix does the US Navy need as it grapples with boosting the size of the fleet to 355 ships? And what about the MQ-25… Keep reading →

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Aircraft Carrier: The Nation’s Trump Card Reborn

Posted by Jerry Hendrix on

The usefulness of the aircraft carrier, long the centerpiece of American naval power in the world, was in serious question, even by me, one year ago. Chronic underfunding, poor strategic assumptions and bad acquisition decisions had left the carrier defensively unprotected and offensively underpowered as its airwing both shrank in size and striking range. President Trump’s election and… Keep reading →

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Pay Afghanistan, Boost Drone Strikes In Pakistan, Experts Tell House

Posted by Sydney J. Freedberg Jr. on

CAPITOL HILL: The US must not go ahead with planned cuts to the Afghan National Army and police, a panel of experts urged the House Armed Services Committee today. Instead, we must keep spending $6 billion a year to support 350,000 Afghan security personnel, go slowly on drawing down our own forces — and escalate… Keep reading →

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Does US Navy Need More Ships to Counter China?

Posted by Colin Clark on

WASHINGTON: The complexities of the United States diplomatic and military relationships with the People’s Republic of China were on full view today as the U.S. Navy’s leader said he does not need a bigger force to manage our presence in the western Pacific. Adm. Jonathan Greenert, Chief of Naval Operations, told several hundred people that… Keep reading →

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