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‘Extraordinary’ National Security Space Changes, 7-Year V-22 Multiyear In NDAA

Posted by Colin Clark on

Sydney J. Freedberg Jr. photo

  UPDATED: Adds Changes To Air Force Space Command CAPITOL HILL: Principal DoD Space Advisor. Gone. Air Force’s new A-11 space staff. Kaput. Defense Space Council. Dead. And that’s really just the beginning of what the Senate and House Armed Services Committees hath wrought to national security space in the National Defense Authorization Act. The… Keep reading →

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Army Should Break With DoD’s Modernization Strategy [Sponsored]

Posted by Daniel Goure on

Army photo

The Army needs to break with DoD’s modernization strategy or risk being broken itself. Simply stated, the Army cannot afford to cut end strength and units in order to free up resources for modernization. This is all the more true if the modernization programs are complex, expensive and will take years to reach IOC. The… Keep reading →

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