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Ford class carriers

Inhofe: Any Ford Delay Would Present ‘A Dangerous Readiness Gap’

Posted by Paul McLeary on

Navy photo

Capitol Hill has some concerns over the state of the Navy’s Ford-class aircraft carrier, but the Navy is moving forward with next-generation technology, fixing as it goes.

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House Dems Block Wall Funds, Slash Sub, But Add F-35s

Posted by Paul McLeary on

The House Dems launch the first salvo in what promises to be a long defense budget saga, and they are drawing lines that will be hard to cross.

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Keep 12 Carriers, It’s A National Imperative: Rep. Wittman

Posted by Rep. Rob Wittman on

What does one of the most influential defense lawmakers on the Hill, Rob Wittman, think about the Trump Administration plan to cut the number of aircraft carriers from 11 to 10?

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