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Gen. Stephen Townsend

Army Multi-Domain Update: New HQs, Grey Zones, & The Art of The Unfeasible

Posted by Sydney J. Freedberg Jr. on

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Smart missiles to strike hard targets hundreds of miles away. Wireless links to pull data from stealth fighters and foot soldiers alike. Command posts agile enough to coordinate it all — not only in open war, but in the ambiguous “grey zone” of hacking, proxy warfare, and Twitter trolls. That’s just a few of the… Keep reading →

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Army Leaders Seek Budget Input From Beyond The Pentagon

Posted by Sydney J. Freedberg Jr. on

“When I was here before,” said Lt. Gen. James Pasquarette, who returned to the Pentagon last week for his fifth tour there, “the four-star commanders around the Army had no say, no input. They’re in the room now when the big decisions are made.”

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Stalingrad Was Small: Multi-Domain Ops In Megacities

Posted by Colin Clark on

HONOLULU: As Seoul residents awaken to the whoomp, whoomp of the first North Korean shells and air raid sirens wail, millions pour from their apartments to the street, desperate for the shelter of the city’s 1,500 miles of deep tunnels. Some stream to the city’s rivers, hoping to head south. North Korean special operations troops,… Keep reading →

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HUD 3.0: Army To Test Augmented Reality For Infantry In 18 Months

Posted by Sydney J. Freedberg Jr. on

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What should the device show the soldier? “Where am I? Where are my buddies? And where is the enemy?” said Gen. Townsend. “Then other stuff could be optional.”

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Will Daesh 3.0 Rise From Mosul’s Ashes?

Posted by James Kitfield on

They’re surrounded, targeted by constant bombardments and slowly strangled of supplies and reinforcements for months so fighters for Daesh (aka ISIS) might reasonably have abandoned Mosul and tried to slink off into the night. That’s what happened last June in the battle to recapture Fallujah, when Daesh fighters were relatively quickly routed, and hundreds were killed by U.S.… Keep reading →

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