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Lima Tank PLant

Tank Plant Trump Says He Saved Was Never In Danger

Posted by Paul McLeary on

Here’s the real history of the nation’s only factory for the massive M1 Abrams tanks.

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Tank Goodness: Armor Programs Will Recover Despite GCV Kill, Sequester

Posted by Sydney J. Freedberg Jr. on

Sometimes dark clouds really do have silver linings. The winding down of two wars and the automatic spending cuts called sequestration have been brutal for the Army budget. The service recently had to cancel its top-priority weapons program, the tank-like Ground Combat Vehicle. But even if sequestration continues, said one leading analyst, ground vehicle spending… Keep reading →

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Lima Tank Plant Lobbying Begins In Senate With Letter To Sen. Durbin

Posted by Colin Clark on

CAPITOL HILL: The congressional push to keep the Lima, Ohio tank plant open — regardless of the Army’s opinion that it will stay open without lawmakers’ help — picked up steam again as the Senate Appropriations Committee prepares to mark up its bill. Abramstanksenateletter Two senators have written the defense appropriations chairman, Sen. Richard Durbin,… Keep reading →

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