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US Sounds Alarms Over Chinese Tech, IP Thefts & Espionage

Posted by Paul McLeary on

The alarm bells are going off all over Washington and Silicon Valley that Chinese startup investors are coming — and are pumping their money into tech startups at a pace that is making Congress stand up and take notice. Just this week, President Donald Trump cited national security concerns when he blocked Singapore-based Broadcom’s proposed… Keep reading →

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Raytheon Unveils Silent Electronics Zapping Bomb: Exclusive

Posted by Colin Clark on

It is the stuff of science fiction — or used to be — and could become a game-changing technology if it lives up to the advanced billing. It is microwave directed energy. Raytheon bought a small technology company last week called Ktech with much experience in building relatively compact microwave generators. Ktech’s combined experience in… Keep reading →

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Paris to Sydney in 3 Hours. EADS Begins Developing Hypersonic Plane

Posted by Colin Clark on

EADS Chief Technologist Jean Botti discusses development of a commercial airliner that could fly at hypersonic speeds, more than four times the speed of sound. Want a daily email update on the Defense industry? Sign up here for the Breaking Defense newsletter or follow us on Twitter.

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