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North Korea Tops PACOM’s Challenges; PRC Comes in Third

Posted by Colin Clark on

CAPITOL HILL: The U.S. relationship with China is not the top priority for the likely commander of Pacific Command. Instead, North Korea tops the list, followed by America’s ties with its Pacific allies. China, as a country, comes third. The listing of priorities clearly reflects the volatile nature of the North Korean regime, made only… Keep reading →

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U.S. Must Plan For, Pay For Strategic Unknowns — Even Now

Posted by Nathan Freier on

Before designing and articulating a new defense strategy, DoD officials must answer an important question: Will the most dangerous twenty-first century threats emerge more from unfavorable order or unacceptable disorder? Unfavorable order is rooted in military competition with rising powers like China or Iran and conforms well to emerging concepts like Air-Sea Battle. Unacceptable disorder… Keep reading →

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Does South Korea Need The F-35?

Posted by Carlo Munoz on

Washington: The Pentagon is digging in on the Korean peninsula and increasing its commitment throughout the rest of the Pacific. That would seem to augur well for sales of F-35s to South Korea. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta recently announced the United States’ 28,000-man garrison in South Korea would be staying indefinitely. Washington and Seoul continue… Keep reading →

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China in Space: Not Time for Bright, Shiny Objects

Posted by Joan Johnson-Freese on

As America’s Space Shuttle program comes to an end, commentators often link that event to the view that the United States is abrogating leadership in space to the Chinese. The Shuttle, however, is one part of a much larger US space program, and replacing it will be part of a new US approach to space,… Keep reading →

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