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Despite US Threats, Another Ally Mulls Russia’s S-400

Posted by Paul McLeary on

Another US ally — and host of a critical Middle Eastern air base — is considering buying a high-tech Russian missile system. What can Washington do about it?

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Adam Smith: Doubts $750B Budget, Praises Army, Downplays Yemen War Powers Bill

Posted by Sydney J. Freedberg Jr. on

Courtesy of the Office of Rep. Smith

WASHINGTON: The presumptive House Armed Services chairman, Adam Smith outlined his agenda for reporters this morning in a wide-ranging discussion laced with his trademark tactical snark. While many of his stances were unsurprising — he wants equal treatment for transgender troops, less spending on new nuclear ICBMs, and zero border-wall funding carved out of the… Keep reading →

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Aid To Israel Isn’t Foreign Aid; It’s An Investment

Posted by Yoram Ettinger on

Israel faces increasingly tight restrictions on its Foreign Military Financing from the U.S., as Breaking D readers know. In the past, when the US provided Israeli with grants under the Foreign Military Financing (FMF) program, Israel could convert 25 percent of the aid from dollars into shekels to buy Israeli products and support local R&D. The… Keep reading →

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Help Egypt Help Israel On Middle East Peace

Posted by Kenneth Glueck on

As the Trump Administration tries to force Palestinians to the bargaining table by cutting funding to the UN relief agency that serves them, closes the PLO’s offices here and continues to tout its forthcoming “deal of the century,” few in national security circles are discussing the chances of Peace in the Middle East. In this… Keep reading →

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Mattis Supports Saudi War in Yemen, Rejects Privatizing Afghan Fight

Posted by Paul McLeary on

“The training we have given them we know has paid off,” Mattis said of the Saudis. “We have had pilots in the air who recognize the danger of a specific mission and declined to drop even when they get the authority. We have seen staff procedures that put no-fire areas around areas where there’s hospitals or schools.”

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Pentagon’s Big AI Program, Maven, Already Hunts Data in Middle East, Africa

Posted by Paul McLeary on

Project Maven has made huge strides in its first year, but the key is remaining open to updates from whoever has the best idea for new algorithms, and new code, a military leader says.

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Aussie Tankers Knit Coalition Forces Together

Posted by Murielle Delaporte on

Afghanistan and operations in the Middle East against jihadist terror groups mark the rebirth of the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) as probably the most modern and innovative air force among US allies and partners.

The Aussies deployed a new force package during their most recent Middle East engagement, as C-17s, F/A-18As and F/A-18Fs operated with the E-7 Wedgetail Air Battle Management aircraft and the A330 MRTT tanker. 

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Israel Edges To NATO As Turkey Pivots To Russia

Posted by Arie Egozi on

For a while, Turkey and Israel were the unexpected couple, the increasingly Muslim state buying the Jewish state’s weapons and Israel offering Turkey a potentially strategic gas and oil pipeline. Today, Israel is reaching out to NATO and Turkish-Israeli relations are increasingly tense.

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Erdogan’s Turkey: The Role Of A Little Known Islamist Poet

Posted by Svante Cornell on

When President Trump announced that the US had recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, the region prepared for violence. Aside from a few days of sporadic protests, relatively little happened. Most Arab leaders – Saudi Arabia chief among them – took the decision in their stride. The one major exception was Turkey. This intriguing op-ed explores why the… Keep reading →

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US Must Bolster Its Presence In MidEast As ISIS Falls

Posted by Michael Makovsky on

As ISIS goes down to military defeat, the United States requires a longer-range plan and an enduring force presence to deny Iran total victory in Syria. Otherwise, the United States risks losing influence as a new Middle Eastern order is being forged. The last ISIS-occupied towns in Syria and Iraq fell recently, but not to… Keep reading →

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