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A Triangular Strategy For The Mid East

Posted by Ram Yavne on

The United States can reduce its Middle Eastern footprint and secure its vital regional interests.

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Israelis to US: Take On China Around Djibouti

Posted by Arie Egozi on

“The Chinese chose Djibouti because of its strategic location in Africa and mainly because it gives foreign military forces that built bases in this country control of one of the most important water ways – the Bab Al Mandeb Strait,” says Uzi Rabi, director of the Moshe Dayan Center for Middle Eastern and African Studies at the Center for Iranian Studies, both at Tel Aviv University.

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Aid To Israel Isn’t Foreign Aid; It’s An Investment

Posted by Yoram Ettinger on

Israel faces increasingly tight restrictions on its Foreign Military Financing from the U.S., as Breaking D readers know. In the past, when the US provided Israeli with grants under the Foreign Military Financing (FMF) program, Israel could convert 25 percent of the aid from dollars into shekels to buy Israeli products and support local R&D. The… Keep reading →

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Help Egypt Help Israel On Middle East Peace

Posted by Kenneth Glueck on

As the Trump Administration tries to force Palestinians to the bargaining table by cutting funding to the UN relief agency that serves them, closes the PLO’s offices here and continues to tout its forthcoming “deal of the century,” few in national security circles are discussing the chances of Peace in the Middle East. In this… Keep reading →

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Trump Administration Warns Friends Against Russia Arms Deals

Posted by Paul McLeary on

As some Gulf and Asian allies consider big purchases of Russia arms, the Senate is set to uphold a law signed by Trump that would slap sanctions on them for cozying up with Moscow.

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Why the U.S. Military Should Stay Out Of Iran

Posted by Maj. Danny Sjursen on

It’s not that often that a major in the US military — albeit now a reservist — points the finger at the Defense Secretary and says, sir, you’re wrong, and does it in writing and in public. Here you have it. Army Maj. Danny Sjursen, expressing his own unofficial opinions, says Iran is Jim Mattis’… Keep reading →

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US Must Bolster Its Presence In MidEast As ISIS Falls

Posted by Michael Makovsky on

As ISIS goes down to military defeat, the United States requires a longer-range plan and an enduring force presence to deny Iran total victory in Syria. Otherwise, the United States risks losing influence as a new Middle Eastern order is being forged. The last ISIS-occupied towns in Syria and Iraq fell recently, but not to… Keep reading →

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After Mosul: Iraq’s Arab Neighbors Must Help Rebuild

Posted by Daniel DePetris on

On July 10, Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, pulling on the same black uniform and jacket that Iraq’s elite counterterrorism forces wore throughout the battle for Mosul, declared the final liberation of the city from Daesh’s (aka ISIL) control. “I announce from here the end and the failure and the collapse of the terrorist state… Keep reading →

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How To Stop Islamic State’s Escalation Dominance

Posted by James Kitfield on

While President Barack Obama’s declared both that the U.S. is hitting the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria “harder than ever” and that progress in the campaign to degrade and defeat the group “needs to keep coming faster,” he revealed clearly that the administration is in a race against time. American officials believed that their anti-ISIL… Keep reading →

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Arab Spring To Paris Fall: A Strategic Shift in the Works

Posted by Robbin Laird on

President Francois Hollande of France arrives Tuesday in Washington for talks with President Obama. Top of the list will be how much America is willing to commit to destroying Daesh, the terrorist group we used to call ISIL. Robbin Laird, Ed Timperlake and Harald Malmgren explore in detail what America’s options are, what France wants and… Keep reading →

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