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Gen. Petr Pavel

Trump Administration Warns Friends Against Russia Arms Deals

Posted by Paul McLeary on

As some Gulf and Asian allies consider big purchases of Russia arms, the Senate is set to uphold a law signed by Trump that would slap sanctions on them for cozying up with Moscow.

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Top NATO General (A Czech) To Europe: ‘Grow Up’

Posted by Paul McLeary on

WASHINGTON: After two decades of watching the American share of the NATO budget grow from 50 to 75 percent, the alliance’s leadership is determined to learn how to operate without the usual American help, even as nationalist movements roil the capitals of the transAtlantic alliance and Vladimir Putin hacks his way through democratic elections. Meeting… Keep reading →

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Big Fears Of Small Nukes Overblown

Posted by Matthew Costlow on

“Insane.” “Deeply dangerous.” Raises the risk of “nuclear exchange” and a “new arms race.” These are some of the serious accusations leveled against the recently leaked Nuclear Posture Review. Each presidential administration since Clinton has written an NPR, primarily to guide U.S. nuclear policy and priorities, but the 2018 NPR is shaping up to be… Keep reading →

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