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Compete Or Not, But Go Full Steam Ahead On GBSD

Posted by Peter Huessy on

If the current GBSD requirements can be met through amending the RFP without delaying the program, then we can go in that direction. Otherwise, Northrop Grumman should proceed with the GBSD research and development contract.

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Don’t Delay GBSD ICBMs; It’s Too Risky

Posted by Mark Gunzinger on

Air Force photo

Critics of modernizing the U.S. nuclear triad have called to delay or even terminate the GBSD. Their arguments do not make strategic, technical or economic sense.

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STRATCOM’s Hyten Calls For Space Rules After India’s ASAT Test: Update

Posted by Colin Clark on

SPACE SYMPOSIUM: For the first time, the United States is sharing its space war plans, known as Olympic Defender, with a small number of allies, says the head of Strategic Command. Gen. John Hyten told us in a Monday evening interview that a new version of the plan was published “last December,” he said. “Everything that… Keep reading →

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‘How Is Yoda?’: An Appreciation Of Andy Marshall

Posted by Andrew Krepinevich on

  Last year while in Japan for a meeting with senior defense and military leaders, the question most often posed to me was, “How is Yoda?” The questions were in reference to the nickname given to Andrew Marshall, arguably the foremost defense strategist of the past sixty years, who passed away this week at the… Keep reading →

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Not So Fast, Rep. Smith: Why We Need Modernized Nuclear Weapons

Posted by Thomas Callender on

The Heritage Foundation is pretty much the only Washington thinktank President Trump ever mentions and he’s been known to refer to their analyses when he speaks about defense. So, when one of Heritage’s experts wants to rebut the arguments of one of the top defense Democrats on Capitol Hill, we’re inclined to give them a… Keep reading →

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No, Trump Has Not Started a Nuclear Arms Race With INF Pullout

Posted by Matthew Costlow on

CSIS Graphic

Russian President Vladimir Putin warned the United States a new arms race would provoke a “quick and effective” Russian response and threatened NATO’s members. Democrat leaders in the U.S. House of Representatives predict an increased risk of “an unconstrained nuclear arms race.” Is it true? Has President Trump fired the first shot in a Cold… Keep reading →

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China ‘Likely’ Training Bomber Pilots To Hit US, Allied Targets

Posted by Colin Clark on

Flying out past the first island chain, China’s air force is undergoing “the most comprehensive restructure in its history to become a force capable of conducting complex joint operations,” according to a new Pentagon report.

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North Korean Denuclearization Potentially Moving In ‘Positive Direction’: Gen. Hyten

Posted by Colin Clark on

Korean Central News Agency

“Things are moving (in) a positive direction,” Gen. Hyten said of North Korean, while Russia’s new 2-megaton underwater drone “does not change” the strategic balance.

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Podcasts, People. Breaking D Launches Inside The Loop

Posted by Colin Clark on

Here we go. TA DA! Our first podcasts, exclusive interviews with Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Dave Goldfein and Strategic Command’s Gen. John Hyten.

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Why the U.S. Military Should Stay Out Of Iran

Posted by Maj. Danny Sjursen on

It’s not that often that a major in the US military — albeit now a reservist — points the finger at the Defense Secretary and says, sir, you’re wrong, and does it in writing and in public. Here you have it. Army Maj. Danny Sjursen, expressing his own unofficial opinions, says Iran is Jim Mattis’… Keep reading →

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