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First Island Chain

EXCLUSIVE Navy’s New Triton Drone Heads To Guam, New Pacific Recon Tool

Posted by Paul McLeary on

Originally slated to deploy last year, the Triton drones will give US commanders in the Pacific a powerful new tool to conduct surveillance, and track Chinese moves from afar.

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How US Allies Can Keep An Electronic Eye On China

Posted by Timothy Walton on

CSBA graphic

The Center for Strategic & Budgetary Assessments has some new ideas for how even relatively poor allies can help keep the peace in the Pacific.

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China ‘Likely’ Training Bomber Pilots To Hit US, Allied Targets

Posted by Colin Clark on

Flying out past the first island chain, China’s air force is undergoing “the most comprehensive restructure in its history to become a force capable of conducting complex joint operations,” according to a new Pentagon report.

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How To Implement The National Defense Strategy In Pacific

Posted by Andrew Krepinevich on

Navy photo

The National Defense Strategy does a service by getting the diagnosis right. But that is only the first step. To get the right prescription—the defense program—we will have to develop the operational concepts that link the ends sought with the means we can procure to achieve them.

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