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EXCLUSIVE Navy’s New Triton Drone Heads To Guam, New Pacific Recon Tool

Posted by Paul McLeary on

Originally slated to deploy last year, the Triton drones will give US commanders in the Pacific a powerful new tool to conduct surveillance, and track Chinese moves from afar.

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Dear Allies: Pay ‘Fair Share,’ Says Shanahan — Not 50% Plus

Posted by Paul McLeary on

Acting Defense Secretary Shanahan took it on the chin from a series of lawmakers Thursday, leaving the Capitol with a direct order to produce border wall details by the end of the day.

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Navy Adds Attack Sub For 2020, But Shipyard Challenges Loom

Posted by Paul McLeary on

The Navy is set to release plans to buy an extra fast-attack sub, another destroyer, and a handful of unmanned boats. Next step: Congress.

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Red Flag 2019: First Great Power Air War Test In Years

Posted by James Kitfield on

How are Air Force pilots training for a war with Russia or China?

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Don’t Expect Any Trump Boost To Defense Spending

Posted by Mackenzie Eaglen on

Contrary to the president’s rhetoric, there is no forthcoming Trump buildup, and  the new strategy emphasizing China and Russia is becoming ever more elusive and out of touch with fiscal reality. It is simply unaffordable at this point in time.

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Show Me The Money: What’s Missing From The National Defense Strategy

Posted by Seamus Daniels on

The Trump Administration’s 2018 National Defense Strategy was remarkable for its candor in identifying China and Russia as America’s chief “strategic competitors.” But unlike earlier, relatively anodyne strategy documents from the Obama Administration, the 2018 strategy didn’t specify the forces required, let alone how much they might cost — at least, not in the unclassified… Keep reading →

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Disaster Averted – For Now: The Pentagon In 2018

Posted by Kathleen Hicks on

The Trump Administration managed to avoid starting wars or crippling NATO in fiscal year 2018, writes CSIS scholar Kathleen Hicks in this op-ed, but as we stagger into 2019, the fates of Defense Secretary Jim Mattis, his National Defense Strategy, and the Pentagon budget remain alarmingly uncertain. We continue our partnership with DC’s leading defense… Keep reading →

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Build Missile Defense Space Sensors Now

Posted by Rebeccah Heinrichs on

Faced with an improving Russian threat, the United States should deploy a serious space sensor layer to provide persistent birth-to-death tracking of missiles, including against the kind that rip through the air at low altitudes 20 times the speed of sound (hypersonics).

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CSAF Goldfein Speaks: JSTARS, Tankers, MDC2, Strategy, Money

Posted by Colin Clark on

Air Force Chief of Staff David Goldfein leads perhaps the most ground-down service in the Pentagon. The service grapples with how to modernize its planes, grant its crews some reprieve from the stresses of flying or maintaining and supporting planes and satellites and still keep the United States the one true global power. Read what Goldfein says he’s doing to keep the Air Force in fighting trim.

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How To Implement The National Defense Strategy In Pacific

Posted by Andrew Krepinevich on

Navy photo

The National Defense Strategy does a service by getting the diagnosis right. But that is only the first step. To get the right prescription—the defense program—we will have to develop the operational concepts that link the ends sought with the means we can procure to achieve them.

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