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US Air Power: The Imperative For Modernization (Buy The F-35)

Posted by Lani Kass on

In 2006, a relatively obscure book caused a major stir among the U.S. Air Force leadership. Why Air Forces Fail, edited by Robin Higham and Stephen J. Harris, lays out the determinants of failure: deficiencies in the industrial base, misguided technology and tactical picks, inattention to logistics and neglect of training. The case studies are broken… Keep reading →

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Red Flag 2019: First Great Power Air War Test In Years

Posted by James Kitfield on

How are Air Force pilots training for a war with Russia or China?

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Air Force Presses Acquisition Changes; Incentives Offered On Combat Rescue Helo

Posted by Colin Clark on

CAPITOL HILL: If Sikorsky reaches the next Combat Rescue Helicopter milestone early, the Air Force will reward the Lockheed Martin subsidiary and “immediately go ahead to” production. “We’ll see how this goes,” Lt. Gen. Arnold Bunch, the military deputy for Air Force acquisition, said this morning, saying the effort is an experiment the service was… Keep reading →

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Lockheed Bids $9B For Sikorsky; May Spin Off IT, Tech Services

Posted by Richard Whittle on

WASHINGTON: Lockheed Martin’s planned purchase of Sikorsky Aircraft, the biggest U.S. helicopter manufacturer, is a natural fit that will mean a lot more to buyer Lockheed and seller United Technologies Corp. than it will for the military rotorcraft industry, present or future. Here’s why. First, the two companies have worked together on military helicopter programs for decades.… Keep reading →

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