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No ‘National Team’ For GBSD; Don’t Delay New ICBMs: Chris Miller

Posted by Chris Miller on

The absence of competition would remove cost pressure for both major contractors, which may be attractive for them but is unlikely to bode well for taxpayers.

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Boeing: Still Interested In GBSD, But RFP Changes Needed

Posted by Theresa Hitchens on

Boeing graphic

“For now, we remain in source selection” for the Ground Based Strategic Deterrent contract despite Boeing’s withdrawal, says a spokesperson for Air Force acquisition chief Will Roper.

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Sen. Hoeven: Fully Fund GBSD & Nuke Warhead Modernization

Posted by Sen. John Hoeven on

You don’t see lots of op-eds from members of the House or Senate appropriations committees. Why? The so-called cardinals — whose influence has slipped with the demise of regular budget order in the two chambers — remain among the most powerful figures on Capitol Hill because they have a greater say than most of their… Keep reading →

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Hypersonics Won’t Repeat Mistakes Of F-35

Posted by Sydney J. Freedberg Jr. on

Sandia National Laboratories graphic

Let a hundred hypersonic flowers bloom, Pentagon officials say, instead of a single cumbersome mega-program.

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Pentagon’s New Ballistic Missile Interceptor Doesn’t Work, Suffers Years-Long Delay

Posted by Paul McLeary on

What happens when the Pentagon’s new ballistic missile defeat program doesn’t work? They keep using the old one, which has a spotty track record.

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‘Global Zero’ Double Standard For Nuclear Weapons

Posted by Peter Huessy on

Los Alamos National Laboratory photo

In the coming clash between President Trump’s $750 billion defense budget and House Democrats’ desire to cut Pentagon spending, especially on nuclear weapons, there will be tremendous fiscal pressure to shortchange the almost $30 billion annual cost to modernize America’s strategic deterrent. The ideological cover for such penny-wise, pound-foolish cuts is the so-called Global Zero… Keep reading →

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Not So Fast, Rep. Smith: Why We Need Modernized Nuclear Weapons

Posted by Thomas Callender on

The Heritage Foundation is pretty much the only Washington thinktank President Trump ever mentions and he’s been known to refer to their analyses when he speaks about defense. So, when one of Heritage’s experts wants to rebut the arguments of one of the top defense Democrats on Capitol Hill, we’re inclined to give them a… Keep reading →

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No, Trump Has Not Started a Nuclear Arms Race With INF Pullout

Posted by Matthew Costlow on

CSIS Graphic

Russian President Vladimir Putin warned the United States a new arms race would provoke a “quick and effective” Russian response and threatened NATO’s members. Democrat leaders in the U.S. House of Representatives predict an increased risk of “an unconstrained nuclear arms race.” Is it true? Has President Trump fired the first shot in a Cold… Keep reading →

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Israel Plans Anti-Missile Nano Satellite Constellation

Posted by Arie Egozi on

TEL AVIV: Israel is planning constellations of nano satellites, built by Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), that will allow almost continuous coverage of “areas of interest,” which are likely to include Iran, Syria, Lebanon and other countries, according to experts that are not connected in any way to the program. IAI refused to comment. The first nano satellite… Keep reading →

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Boeing-Leonardo Team Scoops Up $2.38B UH-1N Replacement Deal

Posted by Colin Clark on

Boeing photo

The head of Strategic Command must be very happy this evening, having learned that the Air Force is finally buying a new helicopter to guard America’s ICBM fields. The Boeing-Leonardo team won the contract to supply 84 helicopters.

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