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Sen. Hoeven: Fully Fund GBSD & Nuke Warhead Modernization

Posted by Sen. John Hoeven on

You don’t see lots of op-eds from members of the House or Senate appropriations committees. Why? The so-called cardinals — whose influence has slipped with the demise of regular budget order in the two chambers — remain among the most powerful figures on Capitol Hill because they have a greater say than most of their… Keep reading →

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How To Fix Our Broken Nuclear Weapons Enterprise; DoD Must Take Over

Posted by Bob Butterworth on

Why is America’s nuclear weapons enterprise — the vast array of national laboratories and other facilities that make, build and maintain our nuclear warheads — so problem-ridden? Is it because the big weapons laboratories (Los Alamos, Livermore, and Sandia) have too much autonomy, or because they have too little? Is it because the Department of… Keep reading →

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Was North Carolina One Switch Away From Nuclear Oblivion?

Posted by Colin Clark on

WASHINGTON: Nuclear weapon accidents should worry everyone until they are contained and proven harmless. At the same time, we have to be rational about the risks. The latest example of how well those risks have been balanced comes from the Guardian, a very fine paper that I used to write for when I lived in… Keep reading →

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Our Nukes Cost More Than You Think; Stimson Pegs Annual Nuke Spending At $31B

Posted by Gordon Adams on

The defense budget is going down…have you heard? The presidential campaign is shedding a lot of heat, but very little light on this reality; you won’t hear much of substance about how or where it will go down. Or much sensible or reasonable discussion about how we manage a defense build-down in a way that… Keep reading →

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