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HASC Adds NC3 Funds; Wants Talks With Russia, China

Posted by Theresa Hitchens on

HASC calls on Pentagon for “near- and long-term plans and options to ensure resilience” of the nuclear command, control and communications network, including requirements for survivability and protection of the supply chain.

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What Trump’s First Nuclear Posture Review Should Do

Posted by Bob Butterworth on

If we’re lucky, the fourth Nuclear Posture Review (NPR) will encourage a reawakening of strategic analysis and renewed efforts to assess the role of nuclear weapons in US national security. If we’re not, and this is more likely, we’ll find ourselves awash in time-worn arguments about assured destruction, limited war, arms limitation, modernization, and morality.… Keep reading →

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10 Reasons The US Should Build New Nuclear Missiles, GBSD

Posted by Peter Huessy on

CORRECTED: Minuteman Was First Solid-Fueled ICBM; Jon Wolfsthal’s name The first solid-fueled InterContinental Ballistic Missile, Minuteman 1, was deployed some 55 years ago on the same day that President Kennedy announced that Soviet missiles were being deployed in Cuba. At the end of the Cuban missile crisis, President Kennedy credited the newly deployed Minuteman ICBM as his “ace… Keep reading →

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Chinese Sanctions On North Korea? Expert Doubts They’ll Bite

Posted by Colin Clark on

WASHINGTON: President Trump was pretty excited when he announced that the central Chinese bank ordered the cessation of all financial business with North Korea. Dean Cheng, the Heritage Foundation’s expert on China and its military, is much less excited. Cheng’s much more skeptical that this latest Chinese move will make any long-term difference in the… Keep reading →

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Why America Needs A Nuclear Air Launched Cruise Missile

Posted by Mark Gunzinger on

UPDATED: We Run Op-Ed; Pentagon Announces LRSO Contract The Pentagon just awarded the third major contract in the modernization of the nuclear triad. First came the B-21 bomber. Then the Columbia-class submarine, to replace the Ohio class boomers. Two days ago they awarded Boeing and Northrop Grumman contracts to begin work on the new version… Keep reading →

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Preparing for The Next War in Korea

Posted by Bob Butterworth on

Korean Central News Agency

Preparing for war can sometimes help prevent one, and those preparations are probably helpful if one does start. Perhaps it’s time to show North Korea what its forces would be in for, and to show our allies in the South that we are with them, seriously. The best course may be through field exercises conducted jointly by… Keep reading →

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Beef Up Conventional Forces; Don’t Worry About A Tactical Nuke Gap

Posted by Michael Krepon on

At the end of this week, thousands of experts in one of humanity’s most terrible possibilities — nuclear war — will meet here in Washington to discuss how to avoid what they have spent their careers planning to do, in hopes they never will. Michael Krepon, one of America’s most experienced practitioners of the arcane art of… Keep reading →

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Our Nukes Cost More Than You Think; Stimson Pegs Annual Nuke Spending At $31B

Posted by Gordon Adams on

The defense budget is going down…have you heard? The presidential campaign is shedding a lot of heat, but very little light on this reality; you won’t hear much of substance about how or where it will go down. Or much sensible or reasonable discussion about how we manage a defense build-down in a way that… Keep reading →

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