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Rep. Rogers: Hill Must Fund Sea-Launched Nuclear Cruise Missile, Lower Yield Warhead

Posted by Rep. Mike Rogers on

Rep. Mike Rogers chairs the House Armed Services strategic forces subcommittee, which has been remarkably vigorous in its oversight the last two years. (Just ask Air Force Chief of Staff David Goldfein or Secretary Heather Wilson.) His subcommittee keeps a close eye on America’s nuclear weapon delivery systems, as well as its warheads (which are… Keep reading →

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Renew and Strengthen America’s Strategic Deterrent

Posted by Roger Burg on

Many Americans are asking whether the three legs of the nuclear triad are still relevant. My answer to this question is an emphatic, yes. Today’s discussion should not be about “if” we recapitalize the triad, but instead how to enhance the execution of the strategic deterrence mission. Since the end of the 1950s, the United… Keep reading →

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Preparing for The Next War in Korea

Posted by Bob Butterworth on

Korean Central News Agency

Preparing for war can sometimes help prevent one, and those preparations are probably helpful if one does start. Perhaps it’s time to show North Korea what its forces would be in for, and to show our allies in the South that we are with them, seriously. The best course may be through field exercises conducted jointly by… Keep reading →

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How Many B-21s? Answer Pending, Says AF Global Strike

Posted by Colin Clark on

CAPITOL HILL: Gen. Robin Rand, head of Air Force Global Strike Command, made it pretty clear he’d like more than the 100 B-21 bombers to which the service is currently committed. He would probably like close to half again that many. Rand told a Mitchell Institute breakfast that the US currently has 156 bombers “in our… Keep reading →

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No First Use: Don’t Do It, Mr. President!

Posted by Bob Butterworth on

Don’t do it, Mr. President. Don’t promise that the US will never be the first to use nuclear weapons. And don’t give credence to that “hair trigger” fol-de-rol. De-alerting and no-first-use might appear to be good stabilizing measures, but in practice they seem sure to reduce security, undercut stability, and encourage Russia, China, and, eventually,… Keep reading →

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Feel The Bern! What A Sanders’ Military Might Look Like

Posted by Mark Cancian on

Here’s a thought experiment. What if Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders becomes president? What would a Sanders defense program look like? Yes, yes, a near win in Iowa does not a presidential nominee make. Even though he’ll probably win in his neighboring state of New Hampshire, there is a long slog to the convention. Then there is… Keep reading →

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We Must Revive Our Moribund Nuclear Force: Heritage

Posted by James Jay Carafano on

President Barack Obama delivers a statement regarding Iraq, prior to departure from the White House South Lawn aboard Marine One en route to Bismarck, N.D., June 13, 2014. (Official White House Photo by David Lienemann)

Barack Obama is not likely to be mistaken for Teddy Roosevelt. Yes, his foreign policy has been quite soft-spoken—especially when addressing openly hostile states such as Iran. But he has whittled America’s “big stick” down to kindling. While “resetting” with Russia and “engaging” with Iran, Mr. Obama has presided over a tremendous down-sizing of U.S.… Keep reading →

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Putin Rebuilds Russia’s Military While US Strategy Is All Over Map

Posted by Doug Macgregor on

In his 1940 book, The New World Order, H.G. Wells wrote, “I think that in the decades before 1914 not only I but most of my generation – in the British Empire, America, France, and indeed throughout most of the civilized world – thought that war was dying out.” That assertion now seems naïve, even childish.… Keep reading →

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Nukes Or Conventional Weapons? Buy The Ones We Use

Posted by Lacie Heeley on

As the House and Senate gear up for votes in the coming days to fund the Defense Department, lawmakers are set to support a bow wave of costly nuclear weapons programs increasingly at odds with the needs of U.S. troops and the future threats that dominate their agenda. Notably for a president who famously championed… Keep reading →

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A Better Way To Buy Nuclear Submarines

Posted by Tom Collina on

The Ploughshares Fund shares the Obama’s Administration’s goal of eventually eliminating all nuclear weapons. Whether you agree with that goal or not, Tom Collina of the fund offers here a choice that those on the outer reaches of both political parties may agree on: forcing the Navy to live within its regular budget. The service, and… Keep reading →

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