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Sen. Diane Feinstein

RUMINT: Huntsville Leads SPACECOM Base Race

Posted by Theresa Hitchens on

The official decision about the headquarters of SPACECOM isn’t likely until mid- or late October.

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Trump Supporter Sen. Perdue ‘Very Troubled’ By Pledge To End Korea Exercises

Posted by Sydney J. Freedberg Jr. on

office of Sen. David Perdue

“I’ve never agreed with 100% of what this president says off the cuff like that,” Perdue said. The pledge to end exercises — deemed critical to allied military readiness — was not mentioned in the official joint statement, he noted, and therefore isn’t a binding commitment, only an expression of presidential intent predicated on continued cooperation from Pyongyang.

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Air Combat Commander Bullish On F-35 IOC

Posted by Colin Clark on

RIAT: No roadblocks stand in the way of approving Initial Operating Capability (IOC) for the Air Force’s F-35A, Gen. Hawk Carlisle said here today. The head of Air Combat Command — who is the man charged with ensuring Lockheed Martin meets all the benchmarks for IOC — made clear nothing would happen until Air Force… Keep reading →

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Nukes Or Conventional Weapons? Buy The Ones We Use

Posted by Lacie Heeley on

As the House and Senate gear up for votes in the coming days to fund the Defense Department, lawmakers are set to support a bow wave of costly nuclear weapons programs increasingly at odds with the needs of U.S. troops and the future threats that dominate their agenda. Notably for a president who famously championed… Keep reading →

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