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‘Global Zero’ Double Standard For Nuclear Weapons

Posted by Peter Huessy on

Los Alamos National Laboratory photo

In the coming clash between President Trump’s $750 billion defense budget and House Democrats’ desire to cut Pentagon spending, especially on nuclear weapons, there will be tremendous fiscal pressure to shortchange the almost $30 billion annual cost to modernize America’s strategic deterrent. The ideological cover for such penny-wise, pound-foolish cuts is the so-called Global Zero… Keep reading →

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Trump Threatens To Kill Iran Deal; North Korea Threatens Guam

Posted by Colin Clark on

White House photo

WASHINGTON: North Korea probably has its own reasons for putting Guam back on the targeting map, but they did it on the same day President Trump officially refused to certify the nuclear deal with Iran. Trump said he “cannot and will not” certify the deal as being in America’s national interest and threatened to cancel… Keep reading →

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White House Needs To Curb Iran’s Cruise Missiles

Posted by Jonathan Ruhe on

H.R. McMaster, President Trump’s newly appointed National Security Advisor, must ensure the new administration reverses a decades-old pattern of neglecting Iran’s nuclear-capable cruise missile capabilities and their importance to Iran’s nuclear weapons program. The White House had no trouble marshaling evidence for its decision to put Iran “on notice” last month but then-National Security Adviser Michael Flynn failed… Keep reading →

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Trump Won; Four Global Realities He Faces

Posted by Daniel DePetris on

Americans woke up on November 9 with a collective sigh of relief: the election was finally over. Now, we get to the hard part: filling appointments in the executive branch, passing legislation, and getting the federal government to work again. The period between Election Day and January 20 is a great time for a refresher… Keep reading →

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