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IC Must Embrace Public Data to Use AI Effectively: Sue Gordon

Posted by Theresa Hitchens on

To stay ahead of adversaries, the IC must change its internal “data ownership” culture that allows those who collect data to believe “they are the ones who get to determine how it’s used,” says Sue Gordon.

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Build A ‘Department Of Cyber:’ Former DNI McConnell

Posted by Colin Clark on

PENTAGON CITY: Sen. Susan Collins has a bill about how to improve cyber sharing that should go to markup next week and she spoke about the challenges cyber poses to the government this morning at the Intelligence and National Security Alliance annual conference here. Three former directors of National Intelligence — John Negroponte, Mike McConnell and… Keep reading →

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Open Source, 3D Printing Key To Staying Ahead Of Enemy Tech

Posted by Sydney J. Freedberg Jr. on

WASHINGTON: Hey, defense contractors! Open source software is not your enemy. In fact, far from undercutting your profits, it may increase them – and increase the US military’s capabilities at the same time. That’s a central concept in the Center for a New American Security’s recently established Technology and Security program, which aims to shake… Keep reading →

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DoD, Intel Officials Bullish On Open Source Software; Government-wide Software Foundation In The Mix

Posted by Henry Kenyon on

Defense Department and intelligence community officials have been talking about open source software as the next great thing for government technology programs for years. Why all the love? Speaking at a recent industry gathering, government officials described what they like about the software: it’s affordable, flexible, and can be quickly modified by developers because they… Keep reading →

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Lockheed Upgrades Joint ISR System With Free Open-Source Software

Posted by Sydney J. Freedberg Jr. on

ARLINGTON, VA: At $2.6 million, the contract award that Lockheed Martin will announce today to upgrade something called the Distributed Common Ground System is a rounding error in the aerospace giant’s $46.5 billion annual revenue. But in an age of austerity, when mega-programs like Lockheed’s flagship Joint Strike Fighter are under ever-increasing scrutiny, small can… Keep reading →

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