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Doing The Basil: Stalin 2.0 Must Prompt NATO Soul Searching

Posted by Bob Butterworth on

Russia has just released its new strategy document formally identifying the United States and NATO as a threat to Russian interests, a new step since the last publication in 2009. NATO is welcoming the tiny state of Montenegro to the alliance. NATO supports the duly constituted government of Ukraine. In Vladimir Putin’s eyes, that is clearly enough to establish… Keep reading →

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Terrorists’ Growing Ties To Criminals Open New Avenues of Attack

Posted by Sydney J. Freedberg Jr. on

WASHINGTON: As terrorist groups increasingly work with drug gangs and other international criminals, they pose new threats to the United States – but they also create new vulnerabilities that savvy Americans can use to attack them, said the Pentagon’s top drug war expert, William Wechsler. The US needs to go beyond thinking of terrorist groups… Keep reading →

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