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Trump Threatens NDAA Veto If House Cuts Stand

Posted by Theresa Hitchens on

The Trump Administration argues the HASC’s cuts to the defense policy bill would hamper missile detection and defense priorities.

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HASC Markup Punts Space Force Decision, Chops Next-Gen OPIR

Posted by Theresa Hitchens on

Courtesy of the Office of Rep. Smith

“I don’t trust the Air Force, on its own, given its existing structure to properly prioritize space,” Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee Adam Smith says.

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Aegis Ashore Scores Another Hit As US, Japan Build Up Defenses

Posted by Paul McLeary on

By 2021, plans call for Japan to have eight Aegis destroyers, four of them capable of launching the SM-3 Block IIA missiles, whose second successful test in a row comes as a vindication after two previous failures.

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