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Thornberry Cites AOL D During House V-22 Debate

Posted by Sydney J. Freedberg Jr. on

WASHINGTON: While we here at Breaking Defense are perfectly willing to criticize Congress on occasion, we’re very happy to have them say nice things about us, or at least mention us. In this case, it’s Rep. Mac Thornberry on the floor of the House, citing our article on the V-22 by aviation expert and regular contributor Richard Whittle.

Click above to see video of Rep. Thornberry’s remarks, or just read the transcript below:

MR. THORNBERRY: Mr. Chairman, I have before me an article from Breaking Defense from just a few months ago which was written by Richard Whittle and as the editor says, this is as close to ground truth as one can get. What he says is the Marines and the [Air Force] Special Forces command have been flying it for four years and they love it. He goes on to talk about problems in the early years, but the critics went to sleep in the middle of the story; in other words, they have not recognized the significant improvements that several people have talked about. Since October 1, 2001, the military has lost 405 helicopters, 99% of them have not been Vv-22’s, and yet this amendment comes only against the V-22 when it turns [out] the redesigned Osprey record is the safest rotor craft the Marines fly. When it comes to costs, since 2008, they are under budget and are actually going to save the taxpayers over $200 million versus what was budgeted. This plane is working well. This amendment is behind the times.

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