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Bangladesh may purchase BAL-E and CLUB-M coastal missile systems

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

Bangladesh may purchase BAL-E and CLUB-M coastal missile systems from Russia. The “Club-M” and “Bal-E” is a coastal missile systems, equipped with missiles 3M54E / A1 and X-35E / RE, respectively.

The exhibition LIMA-2015 in Langkawi at the booth of concern “Morinformsystem-Agat” was a presentation of coastal missile systems “Club-M” and “Bal-E” for Bangladesh Navy Commander Muhammad Farid Habib. According to sources in the defense industry, Russia offers a comprehensive system of Bangladesh coast defense.

The CLUB-M is a multifunctional mobile coastal missile system designed to destroy the following target types:

  • antiship missiles against various types of surface ships (both individual and within a group) in the conditions of organized enemy countermeasures;
  • missiles against ground targets stationary objects on enemy territories (administrative and economic centers, munition depots and petrochemical storages, command centers, port and airfield infrastructures, etc.).

Every self-propelled launcher accommodates up to 6 (six) missiles in transporter-launcher containers (TLC).

BAL-E Coastal Missile System with Kh-35E (3M-24E) Anti-ship Missiles

The Bal-E mobile coastal missile system is designed:

  • to control straits and territorial waters;
  • to protect naval bases, other coastal installations and infrastructures;
  • to defend coastline in probable landing approach areas.

The missile system can conduct combat actions, providing fully autonomous after-launch missile guidance in fair and adverse weather conditions, by day and night, under enemy fire and electronic countermeasures.


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