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Myanmar Sending PTL02 Wheeled Self-Propelled Assault Gun to China Border

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

Myanmar sending PTL02 6×6 wheeled self-propelled assault cun to China border. The PTL02 wheeled self-propelled 100mm assault cun produced in China is based on the Type 92 wheeled armored vehicle and is fielded along with the Type 92 infantry fighting vehicles and Type 92 armored personnel carriers.

The PTL02 is based on existing technologies, thus maximally reducing development costs.Vehicle provides all-round protection from 12.7-mm machine gun fire. It is also fitted with an NBC protection system and automatic fire suppression equipment.

The PTL02 is armed with a 100-mm high-pressure smoothbore gun, developed from the Type 86 towed anti-tank gun. It fires APFSDS, HEAT and HE rounds. Vehicle carries 30 rounds for the main gun. This gun can engage lightly armored vehicles, however is unable to destroy modern main battle tanks.

An export version of this fire support vehicle exist. It can be identified by a wedge-shaped turret. These fire support vehicles are in service with Myanmar. Some sources claim that there is also an export version armed with a 105-mm gun. This one is compatible with all standard NATO ammunition.

Bloody conflict in a remote corner of northern Myanmar has spilled violently across the border with China, risking a rift with the mighty neighbour and threatening peace efforts with an array of rebels.

Myanmar’s army is battling ethnic-Chinese rebels in the Kokang region of Shan state, with aerial bombardments and close-quarter combat, just as the quasi-civilian government is grappling to end decades of border insurgencies in fresh ceasefire talks.





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