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Belarusian company «Minotor-Service» has started developing a new wheeled amphibious armored reconnaissance vehicle

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

During the visit of Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko to the manufacturing and trade enterprise Minotor-Service on 21 January, was presented the model of new  wheeled amphibious armored reconnaissance vehicle 4×4.

Minotor-Service Enterprise designs, manufactures and maintains land and amphibious tracked combat vehicles designed for the use with ground forces and Marine Corps units.

The new armored vehicle is a 4×4 wheeled all-terrain vehicle manufactured by «Minotor-Service», for the Belarus armed forces and foreign buyers. The vehicle is primarily deployed in patrol and surveillance missions.

The new armored vehicle design by «Minotor-Service» is fully amphibious and can swim ; it is also air transportable by Il-76, An-70, C-130 and A400M. The first prototype is planned to produce by the end of 2016.

The new armored vehicle design by «Minotor-Service»
The new armored vehicle design by «Minotor-Service»


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