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Bogdan Corporation unveils the upgrade version of new Bars-6 armored utility vehicle

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The Ukrainian Bogdan Corporationunveils the   upgrade version of new Bars-6 armored utility vehicle, that reported by

The first version of “Leopard-6” vehicle was developed in 2014, the design bureau of the Cherkassy car plant. At the end of February 2015 at the exhibition of arms IDEX-2015 the company introduced a new version of the layout of armored vehicles “Bars-6” (an improved version of a combat unit on the roof of the troop compartment), which was manufactured in the same year.

The Bars can be used to carry troops and supplies under armor to the frontline. It can be also used for medical evacuation and border patrol. This vehicle provides at least some degree of armor protection comparing with non-armored light utility vehicles.

Armor of the Bars provides all-round protection against 7.62×51 mm standard NATO ball rounds and artillery shell shrapnel. Hull floor provides protection against hand grenades and other anti-personnel explosives.

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