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French VHM all-terrain armored vehicle catch fire during preparing for the military parade

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

The VHM (BvS10) amphibious all-terrain armored vehicle catch fire during preparing for the Bastille Day Military Parade.

Returning from parade to Fréjus-Plage, a VHM amphibious all-terrain armored vehicle of the 21st Marine Infantry Regiment caught fire on Wednesday evening.The fire, apparently technical origin, was quickly extinguished by firefighters. The road was cut off to traffic for an hour.

The incident resulted are no casualties or destruction, besides armored vehicle.

The VHM is an amphibious all-terrain armored vehicles BvS10 (VHM) BAE Systems Hagglunds is producing for the French Army.

The vehicle can carry 12 combat-equipped soldiers through difficult terrain and extreme weather conditions. The vehicle operates in temperatures from -32°C to +46°C, from Arctic to desert and jungle conditions.

The vehicle provides high mobility and ballistic protection and is available as an armoured personnel carrier, cargo carrier, battlefield ambulance, mortar carrier, command post vehicle and recovery vehicle.

Bv206 (VHM in french army) (c) Military-Photo-Report's
Bv206 (VHM in french army) (c) Military-Photo-Report’s

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