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China Newest Type 098 Strategic Nuclear Submarine

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

China’s qianzhan published an article to bare the mystery of China’s most advanced 098 strategic submarines.

The article says: Previously, Liaoning Vice Governor Tan Zuojung disclosed at a public occasion that PLA navy has completed development of its fourth-generation nuclear submarine.

Some experts believe that the information is quite reliable. However, there has been no public appearance of nor has the US ever detected China’s third-generation nuclear submarines.

Type 098 nuclear submarine adopts electromagnetic propulsion with zero noise, very high speed and instant great increase in power.

The above is Chinese media’s report on the submarine. At the same time US satellite has also found that China is building two new-type 098 fourth-generation strategic nuclear submarines.

It proves that China is developing effective second-strike capabilities. If one 098 can carry 12 submarine-launched ballistic missiles (SLBMs) carrying 3 independently targetable warheads each, the two submarines under construction have effective second-strike capabilities of launching 108 nuclear warheads.

For nuclear security, a country shall have not only well hidden land-based mobile ICBMs but also SLBMs carried by its strategic nuclear submarines hidden underwater in Oceans as so far no country in the world is able to detect all the nuclear submarines of another country. China’s mobile ICBMs and SLBMs will constitute quite adequate nuclear deterrence.

In addition, China has built an underground base for its nuclear submarines to make it even more difficult for its enemy to detect and destroy its nuclear submarine.



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