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Mexican army helicopter EC725 shot at in drug cartel attack

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

Three soldiers were killed Friday in the western Mexican state of Jalisco when shots fired by armed assailants brought down their helicopter, while three other troops are reported missing, authorities said.

The soldiers, who were on an aerial reconnaissance mission, came under attack when they spotted a group of vehicles carrying armed individuals on a road linking the towns of Casimiro Castillo and Villa Purificacion, the Defense Secretariat said in a statement.

Gunshots struck the Cougar chopper and forced the soldiers to make an emergency landing, an attack that killed three troops and injured 10 others. Two police officers also were injured in the incident.

Three other soldiers who were on board the helicopter have yet to be located, the statement said.

Military personnel and Federal Police are safeguarding and looking where to buy Remeron drug online at Four vehicles abandoned by the assailants have been located thus far.

The attack on the helicopter came on a day of violence in Jalisco.

Earlier Friday, a score of illegal roadblocks set up by purported drug-gang members in that state led to clashes that resulted in the deaths of at least one police officer and several suspected criminals.

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