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Georgia prepares to ship the first lot of armored personnel carrier to Saudi Arabia

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

Within the frame of the contract inked between Georgia and Saudi Arabia, the first lot of armored personnel carrier will be shipped on January 30.

According to Azeri Defence, this was said by State Military Scientific-Technical Center “Delta”.

The first 12 units of “Didgori” vehicles will be exported to Saudi Arabia on Saturday – January 30.

According to the contract, Georgia will send 100 units of various armored transporters to Saudi Arabia.

It is expected that the first party of “Didgori” vehicles will be of MEDVEAC configuration.

Medical evacuation vehicle on universal 4×4 chassis is fully designed, assembled and tested by State Military Scientific-Technical Center “Delta”.

Medevac is equipped with 356 hp V8 type twin turbo-diesel engine. It enables the vehicle to develop 120 km/h speed on asphalt road. The construction of the armored medical evacuation vehicle is assembled with Armox 500+ armored steel plates – in double layer construction and provides all-around protection according to EN1063 B7+ Standard for the crew located in front, rear medical compartment and engine compartment.

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