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HCP company unveils new HUSAR multipurpose tactical armoured vehicle at MSPO

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

HCP company presented its new HUSAR 4×4 multipurpose tactical armoured vehicle at this month’s MSPO-2017 defence exhibition in Poland.

The new Husar uses a Tatra’s universal 4×4 chassis with front-mounted engine. The Husar armoured vehicle features a high degree of protection to enhance survivability of the crew from roadside IEDs, under-vehicle mines and ballistic threats.

The armoured vehicle is required have STANAG 4569 level 3 ballistic protection and level 2 mine protection. It can carry five crew members.

The vehicle can carry up to six fully equipped soldiers and provide them with protection. The modular configuration of the vehicles allows for multi mission variants to suit the user requirements and Husar can stand a base for many specialist vehicles such as logistic, internal security or anti-tank missile carrier.

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