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PGZ develops new Rosomak vehicle equipped with anti-tank guided missile system

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

Polish state holding group Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa (PGZ) has unveiled the Rosomak 6×6 vehicle designed for the anti-tank role at the MSPO-2017 defence exhibition in Poland.

The new anti-tank vehicle based on the Rosomak 6×6 platform and fitted with a remote-controlled launcher for the Spike NLOS missile. The vehicle is equipped with a retractable tower launcher for the four Spike NLOS missile.

The Spike NLOS (non-line of sight) is a multipurpose tactical missile with a range of up to 25km. It has a dual-band electro-optic sensor for day and night attack and features a mid-course guidance function that allows it to be fired against co-ordinates before the target is acquired by the seeker in the terminal phase.

The 6×6 mobility versions of the Rosomak armoured personnel carrier – a licence-produced version of the Finnish Patria AMV.

Photo by Rafał Ciechanowski

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