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Malaysia is looking for new tanks

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

The plans of forming a second Malaysian armored regiment has been known for several years. Information about possibility of purchasing another batch of tanks of basic PT-91M Pendekar are, however, quite surprising. Especially bearing in mind the problems with timely delivery and initial operation of cars and comments on the Polish construction falling in recent years from the mouth of the army of anonymous representatives of Malaysia.

Malaysia Land Forces intend to form a second armored regiment. Malaysians do not exclude the purchase of another batch of tanks of basic PT-91M.

The commander Tentera Darat Malaysia (Army of Malaysia), gen. Raja Mohamed Affandi Raja Mohamed Noor, confirmed appearing in recent months, media information about plans to create another Armored Regiment. The new unit would complement the line only active formation, 11th Armor Cor Diraja (KAD), Polish tanks equipped with basic PT-91M Pendekar (Operational readiness PT-91M, 2010-09-07).

Bumar-Łabędy has provided Malaysia in recent years 48 PT-91M with accompanying vehicles, including 6 cars technical security CTM-4 (CTM-91M), 3 cars MID-M engineering (MID-91M) and 5 bridges associated PMC- Leguan (PMC-91M). The latter was developed in cooperation with the German KMW (Contract Malaysian close to the final, 2009-01-29).

The formation of the second Malaysian armored regiment will require the purchase of additional tanks party primary. Gen. Raja Affandi admitted that the land forces command seriously considering the purchase of another PT-91M tanks Pendekar. One of the conditions of the contract would, however, by the Polish producer to introduce the necessary modifications.

An alternative to the Polish tanks may be among Russian T-90S, which have been sold in recent years, among others, Algeria (200 T-90S license for Algeria, 2015-02-24). At stake is also the purchase of Ukrainian T-84M Braid, purchased in turn by Thailand (Another Thai braids fall, 2014-09-08).

Some commentators suggest that Malaysians could opt for Turkish fundamental Altay tanks (Altaya engines produced locally, 2014-08-14). Serial production of cars in Turkey should start before Tentera Darat Malaysia will secure funding for the purchase of new weapons. In favor of this offer appeals Malaysia positive experience from the operation of other Turkish combat vehicles, including ACV 300 (Record of Turkish exports, 2010-06-24).

The formation of the second Armored Regiment will allow Malaysians to implement announced for several years, plans to create an armored brigade. The new formation could be built in place of a functioning 1. Infantry Brigade. The unit would also receive an unspecified number of 155-mm self-propelled armatohaubic. Gen. Raja Affandi confirmed that the plan to acquire kits of artillery will be included in the new term purchasing land forces for the years 2016-2020. The document should be published this year.


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