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Visiring the 681 Brigade of the Navy Vietnam

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

There’s a proud feeling with confidence in the protection of maritime sovereignty when visiting the 681 shore missile brigade, the 60th anniversary of the Vietnam People’s Navy (7-5-1955 – 7-5-2015). 681 shore missile brigade of the Navy (Binh Thuan) is where the ownership consortium sea missiles Bastion-P – missile defense coast’s most advanced mobile now. Worldwide there are only three countries possessing the Bastion-P: Russia (domestic production), Vietnam and Syria.

“The mission of the missile defense system is to protect the shores of coastal areas and to ensure the safety of our ship when fighting military conflict occurs. At a distance of 300 km, this missile can attack all types of surface ships from landing ships, freighters support, cluster warships and aircraft as well as single vessel fleet. The scope of missile fire this coast very difficult for enemy forces approaching ship, approached his ship at this distance “- Colonel Nguyen Dinh Tu (deputy brigade commander in charge of the military) said.

Brigade commander – Colonel Nguyen Hung Long explains: “In combat, tactical missiles no single bank of that coordination with other forces: air force, missile boats, submarines … In mission protection of sovereignty, while the military conflict at sea, coast guard rocket was the first shock forces to the task of ensuring the creation of space battlefield for other combat forces. So shore missile forces have to fight is to ensure victory.

Bastion-P-shore missile capable huge deterrent. Within the scope of its firepower (300km) border enemy fleet encountered many difficulties when deploying or have deployed team squad firepower beyond. And it is time to create conditions for ships are not blocked, supports synergistic force other and strengthen the combat capability “.

Senior Lieutenant Colonel Nguyen Dinh Tu explained in Russian “Bastion”, meaning “citadel”. This missile is dubbed “missile system wolves” because of its powerful features: scope destroy large targets, low flying ceiling, high speed (radar opponents difficult to scan and if there is found does not handle them) …

“These kinds of sea missiles present no kind of match with Bastion-P. No kind of public customs missiles against the missile “- Colonel Nguyen Dinh Tu said.

According to information from the manufacturer, each missile capable Bastion-P coastal protection 600km long. In particular, just five minutes after receiving the command, Bastion-P can move from state marching into combat readiness. Monolit-B radar – “magic eye” of this missile – simultaneously observed five goals, goals ten abreast.

681 missile brigade coast have “old” very young: 23-8-2006 newly established day. 681 brigade commissar – colonel Do Minh Tuan said proudly 2010 units achieved exceptional performance when receiving handover and acceptance, training, training … and put to use fighting squad auction exceeded three months.

Earlier in 2009, staging the first frame includes officers who are selected very carefully in the army and sent to the Russian race training.

Because weapons very modern weaponry, high-tech content to humans than the best option: young, physically fit, qualified and bravery. No predecessors to draw experience, time is limited, you do according his words: “squeeze his wisdom.”

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