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Oshkosh awarded $320M for procurement FMTVs for U.S., allies

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

The defense arm of Oshkosh Corp. was awarded a $320 million modification to domestic and Foreign Military Sales contract for procurement of Family of Medium Tactical Vehicle variants, the Defense Department announced.

The contract for the Family of Medium Tactical Vehicle, or FMTV, covers produce vehicles for Argentina, Djibouti, Iraq, Lebanon, Romania.

Work will be performed in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, with an estimated completion date of Aug. 24, 2021.

According to Milirary.com, the FMTV is a series of vehicles, based on a common chassis, that vary by payload and mission requirements and also serves as a weapon system platform for combat, combat support, and combat service support units in a tactical environment.

With a Long-Term Armor Strategy-compliant cab (LTAS) and other advanced technologies, military personnel get the enhanced protection they need to confidently complete their missions.

FMTV enhances crew survivability through the use of armor capable cabs, three-point seat belts, automatic braking system, and central tire inflation capability. FMTV enhances tactical mobility and is strategically deployable in C-5, C-17 and C-130 aircraft (excluding wrecker).

The FMTV is derived from the Austrian Steyr 12 M 18 truck, but substantially modified to meet U.S. Army requirements, these including a minimum 50 percent U.S. content.

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