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PT Lundin and Saab have unveiled a new USV technology demonstrator at IndoDefence 2014

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

PT Lundin and Saab have unveiled a new USV technology demonstrator at IndoDefence 2014. The Bonefish USV combines Saab’s mission systems integration capabilities with the advanced carbon fibre composite trimaran design of PT Lundin.

The 12m demonstrator was recently completed at PT Lundin’s Banyuwangi facility in Indonesia and the companies expect it to begin sea trials next month. The wave piercing trimaran is expected to be capable of speeds of up to 40kts when fully developed.

Peter Carlqvist, head of Saab Indonesia, said that Bonefish ‘will be tested over the next year and slowly developed in to a product’.

The USV can host a variety of payloads and sensors and has a modular payload bay for increased flexibility. The types of missions envisioned for the USV include anti-piracy, anti-submarine warfare, maritime surveillance and mine countermeasures.

The USV was unveiled by Indonesia’s defence minister, Purnomo Yusgiantro, and chief of the naval staff, Adm Marseito, on the first day of IndoDefence.

The Bonefish offers a similar hull structure to the Indonesian Stealth Fast Attack Craft (FAC) that is being proposed by the two companies for the Indonesian navy. The FAC has been proposed with an anti-surface warfare capability based on the RBS15 and would also have a 40mm air defence gun.

Carlqvist concluded by explaining the company’s strategy in the region, ‘our approach is based on technology transfer and a large scoop of local production’. He added that the company had no problems with integrating subsystems from local partners or other regions.

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